Friday, July 31, 2009

Yes really

Today a squirrel knocked on my door, well actually, he scratched at my patio doorwall. I heard the scratching and went to investigate. When I pulled back the curtain he scampered back so I could see him and sort of danced around cutely for me. Then he came closer and scratched the screen again. I remembered a handful of raw walnuts I had left in the kitchen and got them and threw them out to my waiting friend. He was so cute scampering after the nuts. I am sure he brought all his buddies later as he has done in the past, but I had errands to do and had to leave. Next time I will take pictures. I am picturing the little begger going from doorwall to doorwall in my complex and knocking on everyone's door. I sure he lives a good life.

Thanks to my squirrel friend today I decided to post one good thing for each pet peeve that sets me off. So, thanks for reading my bit of fun this morning with my nutty buddy.

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