Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Re-usable Easy, Fun Felt Fortune Cookies!

Make these fun felt reuseable, calorie free. Fortune Cookies  to cheer up your coworkers, classmates, friends or family!  Make them small or extra big to enclose tasty candy. Add a hanger and recycle your table top Christmas tree to display them.

Make them in  the traditional beige color to look like the real thing for Chinese New Year (The Year of the Rabbit starts on 2/3/2011), or in red and white like Martha Stewart did for Valentine Favors. Luckily, I have everything needed in my stash! 

You will need:  felt, wire or pipe cleaners, ribbon, glue and Printed fortune strips
See the full instructions at Martha
Tips: Make or use a circle template (plastic yogurt cover, cup, bowl etc) to keep them all the same size.

Make up your own fortunes specifc to the recipient (example: "Extra Study this week will reward you at Test time" or "An Impressive presentation this week will lead to special rewards!") .

 I found some cute fortunes to copy and paste and print out online:

Love Messages
Traditional Sayings
Work related
Motivational sayings
Funny Sayings
Get inspiration  here

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