Sunday, March 29, 2015

Free Lion Brand Easter Projects!

Check out these adorable, easy and quick  Easter patterns from Lion Brand.
 (Note:  you must free register on the site to access the free patterns.) 
I absolutely adore the Crochet Amigurumi Bunny Basket!

Only wish I could crochet decently.  Wonder if this can be adapted to knitting?
But also wondering how the ears stay up and how the basket can hold it shape better.

Hmm, thinking  I can use some white fleece fabric in my stash over a re-purposed plastic container (berry basket, large pop bottle bottom, or large yogurt container) for a similar look...
or, maybe, mini versions of this ??? any suggestions appreciated. 
Off to check my stash (and my recycle bin lol!)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Martha Stewart's Beanbag Chicks!

These are just adorable!  and adorably easy too (my fav! LOL)!   The cute beanbag chicks are shown  packaged in Clear topped Plastic Easter eggs, but I think they would also be a cute surprise in the regular solid color plastic eggs (and because I have those on hand, too!).

Martha says "Yellow split peas have a good texture for beanbags. If using cotton fabric, add a liner so the peas don't show through; with felt, this isn't necessary."

I am thinking to maybe embroider on the eyes or use a permanent marker to draw on the eyes and sew on the felt beak  and wings securely, and using cotton fabric and felt remnants from previous projects. The eye instructions are not too clear, sounds like we are just supposed to punch a hole in the material?

  With permanent features, I could fill these with rice, to be used as a boo-boo chick, putting the chick in a plastic bag in the freezer for childen with bumps or bruises, plus I have rice on hand, LOL. Or  mark up an a small target with numbers to score points and have a family been bag toss game,

Love projects where I do not have to buy more stuff!