Monday, November 16, 2015

Adorable Poseable Ginger Bread Folk Project!

Love these cute Ginger Bread Folk

The project sheet is from Hancock Fabrics. They will be found all posing over my house this holiday! Love the way they can hold a candy cane.

These look so simple to make.  LOL, but I am already enhancing the 'simple' in my head by planning to use the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine on the edges.  I am thinking these may even be thin enough to add to my Christmas Cards this year (hmmm...) I have some rick rack scraps and pipe cleaners already. I will add ribbon loop hangers on some for my tree.

I am also going to enhance with leftover beads and lace.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Quick & Easy Holiday Wreath & Tree!

Inexpensive and quick decor for your next holiday party with this Free Ribbon Sequin Tree & Wreath project from Creative Home Arts Club!  Bright, sequined greens and blues come together to create a festive tree and wreath that you can whip up quickly in just a few hours.  Finished size: 12" Wreath / 12" tall Cone

• 12" half round craft foam wreath*
• Bright green acrylic craft paint
• 8" of 1/4" gold ribbon (hanger)

• Craft foam shapes*: 12" tall cone, 4" ball
• Acrylic paint: green, turquoise
• Serrated kitchen knife
• Low-temp hot-melt glue

• Firm paintbrush
• Twenty-four (each) 1" sequins: turquoise, bright green
• Twenty-four (each) 3/4" sequins: silver, light green, translucent turquoise
• 1 ½ yd. (each) 1" grosgrain ribbon: green, turquoise
• 1 ½ yd. 1" green polka-dot satin ribbon
• Sequin pins or regular straight pins
• Green Indian seed beads